Saturday, January 30, 2016

i rented a room

the air was smoky
the banana was yellow
the clown was sad
the doll was mellow

the elephant smiled
the flower grew
the grass was green
and heaven was blue

i rented a room
on the 17th floor
the angels were winning
but the demons kept score

i looked at the wall
and the wall looked back
i heard old number 9
coming down the track

the impetus waned
as the joker relaxed
the king fell asleep
the lady paid tax

the waiter approached
with a bill on a tray
the king woke up
and said please go away

i saw it myself
as i sat by the door
because lions prowl
and oceans roar

the market flourished
noodles expanded
the octopus drifted
the piano glad-handed

the queen wore a hat
the refrigerator hummed
the snake said good night
and called the tarantula scum

upstairs in the moonlight
a violin screamed
the walrus ate peanuts
at the nexus of dreams

the maid swept up
the peanut shells on the floor
sixteen orangutans
banged on the door

an impolite yawn
zero balance is spent
all of you villains
are behind in your rent

i texted my mom
and my mom texted me
you’re my own flesh and blood
but this is not poetry

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