Tuesday, September 13, 2016


i was young
and now i’m old
i was hot
and now i’m cold

i had energy
now i’m tired
i was cool
and now i’m wired

i had the world
spread out before me
but then my friends
began to bore me

i was innocent
but did learn
that friends against me
could quickly turn


i had a friend named jim
i was better than him
and another friend named lee
he was better than me

i had a friend named lou
who knew just what to do
and another friend named cole
who wanted to save my soul

i had a friend named clyde
who took me for a ride
and a friend named brad
who took everything i had

i had an enemy named joe
who knew things i didn’t know
and an enemy named ray
that i hope to meet some day


friends and enemies
vanish in the breeze

i wish i had more friends
but the dream never ends