Friday, August 3, 2018


edward was a guy
who lived on a hill
he ate and slept
and took his pills

he watched tv
but never the news
to engage in argument
he did not choose

one day a man
came to edward’s door
edward had never
seen him before

he wanted a little
of edward’s time
and asked him for a nickel
or a lousy dime

edward was naturally
courteous and polite
but something here
did not seen right

he asked the man in
and offered him a drink
but part of his brain
did not know what to think

edward gave him a sandwich
of cheese and ham
but part of him
suspected a scam

edward kept his money
in a paper sack
safely buried
in the yard out back

he had a dog named joe
and a monkey named jim
they were prepared
to give their lives for him

but edward was a human
when all was said and done
he was a dreamer
and not the only one

edward did not
understand quite why
but the stranger had a friend
in a bank in shanghai

the friend knew the details
of a terrible affair
shocking things
of which the public was unaware

the friend knew the details
of a terrible affair
shocking things
of which the public was unaware

of betraying the planet
the friend was accused
and there was not
a moment to lose

the stranger asked edward
to help his friend
there is only one way
for this story to end

edward should have listened
to joe and jim
but he trusted the stranger
so much for him

why can not stories
have better ends?
because people are lonely
and want to have friends

what is wrong with this story?
what is wrong with this tale?
why did the stranger come to edward’s door
and not send him a letter in the mail?

o humans with your tablets
devices and phones
demons wait beyond the hills and stars
and are calling in their loans

Friday, June 29, 2018

the truth

listen, my friend


no, don’t run away


i have something to tell you

something very important

something that must be said

it is just this - just this -

life has no meaning!

life has no meaning!

life has no meaning!

yes, you heard me -

i said it and i am glad

the truth is out now

i am sorry, deeply sorry

if ii have destroyed your life

and forced you to face reality

but i could not help it

i have had it burning within me

all these long years

i could not hold it in any longer

i just could not

and now it is out

and you will just have to do the best you can

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

yeggo and lainie

yeggo was a homeless bum.

he was sitting on a bench at a bus stop, eating a glazed donut.

lainey came along.

lainey was a hot young chick with long legs and long blonde hair.

she took her place beside the sign saying “bus stop” and took her phone out of her purse and began tapping on it.

hey sweetie, yeggo called to her, why don’t you come over here and sit beside me. your nice long legs will get tired standing up like that.

fuck you, you smelly bum, lainey replied, don’t talk to me or i’ll call the police.

aw, i bet if you turned around and smiled you would like nice. although i do like that ass.

lainey did not respond, but continued tapping on her phone.

you know, yeggo said, we are really a lot alike. we are both human beings.

this got a laugh out of lainey.

i bet other people could not even tell us apart, yeggo persisted.

yeah, right. i’m calling the cops right now, smelly bum.

let’s try it, we will ask the next person who comes along.

a man in a yankees cap came along.

hey, yeggo called to the man in the yankee cap, which of us is dick and which is jane? can you tell?

suck my dick, the man in the yankees cap replied, and walked past.

next harold watersten, a professor of moleculat anthropology at nyu, came along.

which of us is dick and which is jane, yeggo asked again.

i’m just a poor jew, the professor told him, ask a fucking expert. and he walked on.

next queen elizabeth came along, accompanied by her royal guard.

yeggo asked the question again.

but the royal guard stuck his bayonet in yeggo’s face and the queen walked on without replying.

stuck up bitch! yeggo shouted after her. i only asked a question.

next spot came running along.

who’s dick and who’s jane? yeggo shouted at him, but the little dog sped past, barking happily.

and then mary poppins came running along, chasing spot, and holding her hat on her head to keep it from blowing off. but she was running so fast that yeggo did not have time to shout his question.

all the while lainie was looking at her phone. where are the goddamned cops, she asked, or the bus?

just then the bus pulled up and stopped.

the driver, ralph kramden, got off the bus.

sorry folks, he told lainie and yeggo, this bus is out of commission.

you can guess what happened next.

how about you?

can you tell yeggo and lainie apart?

the four passengers

a dead bird
blows down the street
in the wind

a styrofoam cup
follows it
in the same wind

a leaf shakes on a branch
above a park bench
but stays on the tree

night falls
and a bus arrives
with three passengers on it

one looks out the window
another reads a newspaper
the third stares at his own feet

the new passenger
takes a seat
and takes a snickers bar out of his pocket

and begins to unwrap it
as the wheels of the bus
roll over the dead bird

but miss the styrofoam cup

Thursday, June 21, 2018

the void

a bird flew across the sky

then another

then another

a pigeon landed on the roof

then another

then another

juan delivered a pizza

then another

willie delivered an american grinder with fries

maurice got up

then went back to bed

then maurice got up again

maurice remembered carol

i’ll kill hat bitch, he said to himself

actually he said it aloud, but nobody heard him

down the hall jack got up

then he went back to bed

a pigeon landed on the roof

then another

juan delivered another pizza

willie took a break and called charlene

a bird flew across the sky

and then another

an ant crawled across the sidewalk

and then another

this is just a small sample

people say life is mysterious

but what is so mysterious about it?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

kitten up a tree

o mother mother must i die
yes my child and here is why
birds no longer fill the skies
and the seas begin to rise

kittens no longer climb up trees
or butterflies float on the breeze
grandma’s recipe for cherry pie
is lost and forgotten (sigh)

i fear that since i saw you last
the present has destroyed the past
humans have run out of room
and are ruled by an empire of doom

i have to say this makes me sad
you were the only child i had
living in the only universe
and things are steadily getting worse

i can’t remember, though i try
if i was the kitten or the butterfly
if you were the tree i climbed
or only the blue sky i left behind

Saturday, April 28, 2018


you were there
when i was born

you didn’t even
say hello

when i went outside
you followed

when i spoke
you were always behind me

in broad daylight
and when the sun went down

into classrooms
and churches

and pizza shops

job interviews
bars and movie theaters

i traveled the earth
trying to lose you

by plane, by bus
by foot on dusty roads

by boat, on subways
on roller coasters and ferris wheels

once, in a canoe
which did not overturn

you heard
my every conversation

my every thought

when i “met”
someone on line

you always showed up
“in real life”

i don’t know
what i was thinking

i give up
you win

let me buy you a drink