Tuesday, February 27, 2018

the little man

i saw a little man
he was nothing at all like me
who am going to be rich and famous
you just wait and see

he was waiting for a bus
it looked like it might rain
i knew i should not laugh
but i could not feel his pain

going home to his wife and children
or maybe his dog or cat
or maybe just watch a ball game
but i am not like that

i am different from other people
and am the child of fate
i smile at your little problems
because destiny awaits

you may think i am just like you
as i stand here in the street
but time will show the difference
victory, not defeat

maybe you should be nice to me
you would be the first
but i will make it worth your while
when i rule the universe


my mother didn’t like me
neither did my dad
though i was the best and only child
they ever had

my mother was a dreamer
my dad a drunken bum
they waited for an angel from heaven
but he never did come

i was a beautiful child
with a sensitive soul
to bring a message of love to the world
was ever my goal

where did it all go wrong
is the burden of my song
why are people so nasty?
why can’t they just get along?

countless wanderers before me
have asked the question and yet
it must be written in the wind and stars
there is something we just don’t get

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


everybody hates the lonely
don’t let them tell you otherwise
you are having a nice conversation
then you see the desperation in their eyes

all the years of solitude
come rising up like foam
in the flickering beams of your sympathy
they finally see their way home

their dreams and sad opinions
flow through the night and into dawn
their clutching hands reach out to you
but you are already gone

perhaps when you lie dying
in a little room alone
you will give a thought to those desperate ones
and regret your heart of stone


i am sorry i find life ridiculous
and can not share in your joys and sorrows
perhaps after a good night’s sleep
i will feel better tomorrow


how nasty life is!
and how even worse people are!
how i wish i were an anchovy
in a can on the shelf of an abandoned supermarket

or even better
on a pizza half-eaten
and tossed aside in its cardboard box
on a sidewalk in the rain

a million cab drivers weep
dreaming of neanderthal maidens
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches


john was just a guy
and he lived in just a town
on just a planet
that was neither up nor down

john liked jelly doughnuts
and caressed them with his touch
and he also liked cheeseburgers
but not nearly as much

john watched television
all day and all night
his favorite shows were perry mason
and the price is right

his mom lived in the basement
and his dad lived in the attic
they argued about religion
but all john head was static

his brothers all liked batman
but john liked superman
his favorite singer was dolly parton
he was her most committed fan

you may ask what was john’s purpose
and what was his life’s task
and those are good questions
but who are we to ask?

Monday, January 30, 2017


it was dark

i was lost

i was despised

and i had lost my briefcase

when my brother and his stuckup friends showed up i left the hotel room

and went down to the news stand to find the latest best seller

but they didn’t have it in stock

i bought a pack of gum instead

when i left the news stand most of the lights in the city had gone out

there were a few lights n the distance

but i did not think they were the hotel’s

i started walking

i realized i did not have my briefcase

did i leave it at the news stand?

did i leave it at the hotel?

i got loster and loster

i thought of how awful my whole life had been

and how everybody laughed at me and despised me

and barely tolerated my existence

and what a failure i was

it got darker and darker

finally i ended up at a police station

i was told to take a seat on a bench against the wall

when i tried to ask sone questions

the young woman at the desk told me in no uncertain terms to be quiet

finally she summoned me over

tapping on her keyboard she asked wearily

all right, what exactly was in this wonderful briefcase?