Saturday, April 28, 2018


you were there
when i was born

you didn’t even
say hello

when i went outside
you followed

when i spoke
you were always behind me

in broad daylight
and when the sun went down

into classrooms
and churches

and pizza shops

job interviews
bars and movie theaters

i traveled the earth
trying to lose you

by plane, by bus
by foot on dusty roads

by boat, on subways
on roller coasters and ferris wheels

once, in a canoe
which did not overturn

you heard
my every conversation

my every thought

when i “met”
someone on line

you always showed up
“in real life”

i don’t know
what i was thinking

i give up
you win

let me buy you a drink

Thursday, April 19, 2018

the dead wear white hats on the devil's birthday

don’t talk to me
about love and hate

i know all about
love and hate

i used to wait on the corner
for the school bus

cars went by
in the wind and rain

there was a police lady
who directed traffic

she had red hair
and a blue uniform

with a blue cap
and i loved her

and there was a newsstand
run by an old man

and he was ugly
and i hated him

so don’t tell me
i don’t know

about love and hate
i learned early

Friday, April 13, 2018

street scene

if you see a traveler with a weary load
help him before his head explodes
he may be one, he may be two
but he is more than me or you

he mat be three, he may be four
he just can’t take it any more
the mayor asks him for his papers
he runs away making funny faces

they are all so many things
plunked on a million piano strings
they flow through the streets like purple gerbils
crawling over bubbling hurdles

a prophet stands in the window above
murmuring a message of love
but nobody pays him any mind
as they are all being shoved from behind

a bag lady stands on the sacred stones
a golden light pours through her bones
her words rush out in a steady stream
but nobody knows what any of them mean

i have a key to lenny’s room
if all goes well, i will see you soon
we will get to the bottom of this
we have one more chance and can not miss

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


from the day you are born
they hand down the rules
you want to pick flowers
they make you go to school

you want to run naked
but they make you wear clothes
you want to make love
and they punch you in the nose

your dog spot was your friend
now he sits home alone
they fill your head with numbers
until your brain turns to stone

from the jail of school
to the prison of work
the media follows
with its menacing murk

you want to wade in the water
and watch the waves roll
but they deep fry your dreams
and slowly slice your soul

Sunday, April 1, 2018

a cloudy day

have you ever risen from the dead
looked around and scratched your head
said, this world can not be saved
and crawled right back into the grave?

have you ever wondered why
no meteors flash across the sky
to announce your passing by?
i know you have - because so have i

what would this world be
without you? without me?
in a very sorry state
left to its own fate

why do you all hate me?
and fail to appreciate me?
lies rule the earth and the truth is hid
is it something that i did?

Sunday, March 25, 2018


i remember when men were men
and women batted their lashes
and that was a world, a great world
but now it has turned to ashes

i remember when men were g i joe
and krauts and japs were patsies
and the g i s stormed the beaches
and saved the world from the nazis

i remember when john wayne
roamed the jungles of iwo jima
and died like a hero at the alamo
with other gallant old timers

and dirty harry asked all punks
if they felt lucky today
and the punks were grateful he let them live
because that was the american way

but none of that remains
because everything has changed
now men are women and women are men
and the world will never be the same again

where are the mad scientists
the vampires with their kisses
the werewolves howling at the moon
the heroes defying fate and doom

they are only a little way down the road
in history’s big green dumpster
i see you there on top of the bridge
but there is no need to jump, sir!

every world that ever existed
is down there in the street
and if you listen to the clouds
you can hear their dancing feet

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

the little man

i saw a little man
he was nothing at all like me
who am going to be rich and famous
you just wait and see

he was waiting for a bus
it looked like it might rain
i knew i should not laugh
but i could not feel his pain

going home to his wife and children
or maybe his dog or cat
or maybe just watch a ball game
but i am not like that

i am different from other people
and am the child of fate
i smile at your little problems
because destiny awaits

you may think i am just like you
as i stand here in the street
but time will show the difference
victory, not defeat

maybe you should be nice to me
you would be the first
but i will make it worth your while
when i rule the universe