Sunday, February 2, 2014

this is what i've been trying to tell you guys all along

she wore a homburg with style
as she floated down the nile
and her true self she hid
in a lost pyramid

as the train pulls out
the bag ladies shout
and the murphy men cry
for a slice of apple pie

everything looks the same
in the reflections of the brain
but the brain is a piece of glass
standing on the corner scratching its ass

the tiniest neutron, the farthest star
doesn't matter where you are
the universe comes up to you
blows you away and doesn't say boo

i was just talking to the guys
prepatory to delivering some pies
to an address on the west side
but you are never satisfied

are you? no you are not
you think your information is hot
but information like water
never gets any hotter

cleopatra's brain
is hard to explain
to an animal covered with fur
who wasn't even her

einstein's anchovy pizza
had some interesting features
which could not be comprehended
in a lecture that never ended