Friday, December 13, 2013


harry often scratched his balls
because they itched like niagara falls
joey picked his nose a lot
and by miss jones was often caught
and jenny farted night and day
because it was her uncouth way

i did it my way
because i had a pair of brass balls
every dog has its day
and when the last judgment falls
the last little dogie will be caught
in the last roundup's windblown empty lot

tony liked betty a lot
he was impressed by her stuck up way
in her web of alluring deceit he was caught
he wished she would tickle his balls
between his drunken slips and falls
that would surely make his day

eddie woke up every day
and felt ennui and despair a lot
yes, into every life some hard rain falls
and failure always finds a way
to bust a hopeful hero's balls
like a fly in a puddle of ketchup he is caught

don't worry about getting caught
we'll get you sprung some day
the big guy's got the system by the balls
in his own peculiar way
he thinks about you a lot
the way the cookie crumbles and wichita falls

everybody takes their falls
when its their time to get caught
it is just nature's way
please mister judge, have a nice day
i think about cherry jo a lot
and her tits like basketballs

i dreamed i caught some ping pong balls
as snow falls in the parking lot
the old fashioned way on christmas day

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