Sunday, April 13, 2014

dick poem #1

joey's mom came home early
one gray afternoon

and found him
sitting with the sound off
on the television

playing with his peepee

excuse me
i mean with his dick

aren't you a big boy to be playing
with your peepee
she asked him

why don't you go out
and get a real girl friend

i am not thinking about girls
he answered

i am thinking about getting
by guys with hairy balls and big dicks

oh, she replied
in that case
why are you playing with your own


if that is your preferred fantasy

i would think you would
to stick something up your


there must be something around here
with all

the junk cluttering the place up
because you never clean it up
that you can stick up your


no said joey
i am saving my money
to go on line

and buy a sex


to stick up my ass

big time

that sounds pretty stupid to me
said mom
and besides

you don't have any money
so how can you be saving it
what would you like for dinner

cajun fried chicken
or salisbury steak
(note: these are both tv dinners)

i know it's early to be eating dinner but i'm

hungry right now

with a sigh
joey put his


back in his pants

he didn't like it when his


and/or his


were interrupted

(end of dick poem #1)