Thursday, December 26, 2013


i've been alive for a billion years
i've seen and done it all

i've been a brontosaurus
i've been an arctodus simus
i've been a tick
i've been a butterfly

i've been a world renowned chef
i've been a hostess who knew everyone in town
i've been roasted with an apple in my mouth
i've been a steak and cheese sub with a side of onion rings

i've been born to be hanged and hanged to be born
i've ridden through paris in a rolls royce and been cheered by adoring throngs

i've sat on a throne of gold under blue skies and surveyed my empires
i've been whipped through the mud with a 300 pound stone on my back to build pyramids
i've been burnt at the stake
and jumped out of a cake

i've been a man
i've been a woman
i've been a faggot
i've been a dyke

i've sacrificed pythons to moloch
i've jacked off in the back seat of trailways buses at four in the morning passing through elko wyoming

i have one thing to say to you
one word to say to you


women get penetrated

no matter how many needles you get stuck in you
no matter how many knives you get stuck in you
no matter how many dicks you suck
no matter how many dicks you take up the ass

only women get penetrated

women get invaded by alien life forms
women get possessed

i know
i've been there a million times
i've seen and done it all

i've been to the river and back
and washed a billion diapers

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