Saturday, December 14, 2013


i spread my ass that wasn't tight enough
for a dick that wasn't big enough
in a bathhouse that wasn't steamy enough
on a street that wasn't dark enough

in a neighborhood that wasn't rough enough
in a city that wasn't destroyed enough
patrolled by police that weren't murderous enough
and soldiers that didn't have big enough dicks

in a country that wasn't liberated enough
by a bomb that didn't destroy enough
in an orgasm that didn't reverberate enough
across a sky that wasn't black enough

in a world that wasn't free enough
in a galaxy that wasn't invaded enough
in a cluster that wasn't fucked enough
in a universe that wasn't expanding enough

suddenly lights and sirens went off everywhere
the gentleman,
or maybe he was a thug or a gorilla,
who had been fucking me

pulled his dick out with a slurping pop
and ran away
shouting "payday! payday! "
as i scrambled to find my uniform pants

i found them in a puddle
of something nasty
but i put them on
and felt a burning sensation

in my copacetic embryo
that didn't have enough good to go
i suddenly wasn't hungry enough
to look for the right stuff

beneath a bridge that wasn't wide enough
across a river that didn't roll enough
to an ocean that wasn't deep enough
beneath a moon that wasn't full enough


but where was joey?
where was the boy who brought me here?
where was my white dress?
where was my name tag?

where was my limo?
where was my driver?

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